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Commercial or residential, Foley Boyz offers any possible lawn care you may require. We love finding the right solution for every lawn, and are not deterred by a little challenge!

Lawn Mower


We offer weekly lawn and field mowing for our customers. This service also includes trimming and blowing debris. Are you leaving town? We can care for you lawn with our vacation mowing program!

Water Sprinkler


Foley Boyz offers sprinkler start-up, blow-outs, and repair. We can also update your out-dated sprinkler systems!

Black Soil


Is your soil lacking? The key to a green lawn is adequate nutrients. We can add soil amendments to improve root depth, lawn color, and overall health. Don't worry, we have pet-safe fertilizing options!


Weed Control

Our licensed applicators have the knowledge to properly identify and combat weeds in your lawn. 

lawn aeration.jpg


Aeration promotes a healthy lawn. We recommend aerating twice a year (spring and fall) for the best results. 



Rototilling is great for soil preparation for new yards and gardens! 

Lawn Mower Carburetor Inspection

Small Engines 

Is your lawnmower in need of work or a general tune-up? We can help you!



Fresh, grass seed aids in filling in thinned areas in your yard and creates a full, lush lawn for years. 


Robotic Mowing

Check mowing off of your to-do list! As Husqvarna dealers, we can order, install, and manage your robotic lawn mowers.

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