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Robotic Lawn Care

Check Mowing Off Your To-Do List

Lawn care shouldn't get in the way of your family-time. Let an Automower do the the work for you! With a built-in scheduler, your lawn will be well-kept 24/7. Keep your lawn healthy, green, and managed without even lifting a finger! 


Foley Boyz is a Husqvarna dealer and specializes in installing and managing Automowers for our customers. Foley Boyz offers a Automower Service Program.

As a Husqvarna dealer, Foley Boyz stocks, orders, and services Automowers for our customers. Foley Boyz will also take care of the installation and service! 
Call today for more information or to buy your first Automower.

Foley Boyz Automower

Service Program

Let us use our robots on your property! Foley Boyz owns a fleet of robots that are prepared to manage your grass. Foley Boyz robotic mowers work every day to ensure growth and healthy grass. Along with the robotic mower, a team member will visit your property bi-weekly for trimming and to perform any maintenance the mower may need. The Foley Boyz Automower Service Program is a 3 year contract with a low monthly cost. Call with any questions at 970-980-8337.

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