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About Us

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Foley Boyz is a family-owned business founded in 2012, after the boys purchased a truck, trailer, aerator, push-mower and a list of clients from late Don Crain. The boys started the company in high school and now, the Foley Boyz have expanded to one of the most well-known lawn care businesses in Berthoud, CO today.  

Foley Boyz History 

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The Foley Boyz

Lane Foley is now the CEO of Foley Boyz Lawn Care Inc. Dana Foley (father) and Luke Foley (brother) work for the company as well, which encompasses a large spectrum of services to provide for the community. Foley Boyz are Husqvarna equipment dealers and service center.

Our Guarantee

Our word is our bond. We like to be able to put our name on every job we do. No matter the job we will accomplish the task to the highest industry standards. 

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